Trial package for small breed dogs + free bag & sample Vital Plus + 200g Great Roll

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Our sample pack for all dog breeds offers a wide selection of nutritious and balanced products that make every meal a taste experience. Every order also includes a free bag and a sample of the well-known Vital Plus. Enjoy a balanced diet that makes your pet healthy and happy!

Our trial package for dogs contains a variety of high-quality dog ​​food. If one of the varieties is sold out, you will receive an identical can for the same value. You will also receive a 200 g Tolle Rolle for free when you purchase this trial package. This ensures variety at every meal + a sample of Vital Plus Elixir of Life.

The following products are included in the trial package:

  • Meat menu
  • Rabbit with potatoes
  • Chicken & Liver with Potato
  • Lamb & duck with potatoes
  • + random free bag
  • 200 g Great Roll + Sample Vital Plus Elixir of Life
  • This trial pack for small dog breeds offers you equivalent products - depending on stock - as well as a free bag and a sample of Vital Plus. Enjoy the professionalism and quality of these products for your loyal companion!


While many suppliers rely on additives to save costs, add bad meat waste to the food and get away with it, the health of our four-legged friends is important to us.


Did you know that smaller dog breeds need to be fed differently than larger ones?

Most dog foods are harmful to your dog! You usually don't even realize it yourself, as there is a lot of trickery in the industry.


The wrong food can have fatal consequences for your four-legged friend in the long term! Most problems or illnesses are caused by the wrong food.


You also want your darling to always be happy, feel comfortable and, above all, stay fit and by your side for a long time, right?


We also strive for the highest quality and live by this. Our food is 100% grain-free and/or gluten-free. It is also hypoallergenic and completely GMO-free!


We consciously avoid artificial colors, bad waste or additives. So that you can give your dog the best food with a clear conscience, we also use herbs and important probiotic bacteria to ensure that your dog's digestion always works well.


High protein content, low fat and only the highest meat meal content - you can rely on that. The most important thing: our food contains human-grade meat and only meat from free-range farming.


When you purchase this sample package, we will give you a random 500 gram bag for free!


So that you can personally convince yourself of our quality, we are offering you our Kallisbest dry food trial package exclusively at a special price!

Illustration serves as an example

The following products are included in the trial package:

  • Meat menu
  • Rabbit with potatoes
  • Chicken & Liver with Potato
  • Lamb & duck with potatoes
  • + random free bag
  • This trial pack for small dog breeds offers you equivalent products - depending on stock - as well as a free bag and a sample of Vital Plus. Enjoy the professionalism and quality of these products for your loyal companion!



Are you not sure whether the food is right for your four-legged friend or do you have any questions? Then contact our friendly and competent customer service! We are happy to help you.


Unfortunately, in the feed industry, many products are falsely labelled and a lot of things end up in the feed that don't actually belong there. A small example: if poultry protein is listed in the feed, it could also contain beaks, feathers and feet!

Behavior when declaring fresh meat: If 70% fresh meat or meat is stated in a description or declaration, this is not pure meat. Fresh meat contains around 70% water, which is removed from the meat during drying.

Explanation of ingredients:

When comparing the ingredients of feed, you should know the following small but subtle differences in the names in order to recognize which is the better feed

Meat meal : Flour from meat. It has the advantage that it hardly loses any liquid during processing. So there is hardly any difference between the raw and dry mass.

(Poultry) Protein (dried) / Animal protein (hydrolysed) : refers to the pure protein of the meat, but without the meat itself.

Animal by-products / meat by-products : Basically refers to everything that comes from an animal but is not pure meat. For example, innards, bones and fur.

Fish and fish by-products : fresh or preserved fish products of all kinds and by-products resulting from their processing.

Milk and dairy products : fresh or preserved milk products of all kinds and by-products resulting from their processing.

Egg and egg products : fresh or preserved egg products of all kinds and by-products resulting from their processing.

Helpful to harmful :

Cellulose powder is a source of fiber in dry dog ​​food with the lowest nutritional content of all, but it is still allowed as an additive in dog food. The official name is something like "purest, mechanically produced cellulose, obtained from alpha-cellulose from the pulp of fiber-rich plants." The simple name, however, is sawdust .

The art of balance

Cellulose is used in animal feed to reduce calories and control blood sugar levels, and sometimes to help digestion. However, this must be weighed against the overall reduction in feed digestibility, increased stool volume, and reduced intestinal fermentation. This balance must be carefully achieved, as the protein, fat, and other nutrient content usually also needs to be increased. However, the benefits of cellulose are irrelevant, as the price is increased stool volume due to the indigestible, nutritionally-less cellulose and reduced fermentation in the intestine.

You can also spare your animal the cellulose:

It is better to pay attention to the animal's weight, feed dogs and cats high-quality food and always provide cats with cat grass.



Erklärung der Inhaltsstoffe: Wenn Sie die Inhaltsstoffe von Futtermitteln vergleichen, sollten Sie die folgenden kleinen aber feinen Unterschiede der Bezeichnungen kennen, um zu erkennen, welches das bessere Futter ist Fleischmehl: Mehl vom Fleisch. Es hat den Vorteil, dass es bei der Ver­ar­bei­tung kaum noch Flüs­sig­keit ver­liert. Es gibt also kaum Unterschiede zwischen Roh- und Trockenmasse. (Geflügel) Protein (getrocknet) / Tierisches Eiweiß (hydrolysiert): bezeich­net das reine Protein des Flei­sches, aber ohne das Fleisch selbst. Tierische Nebenerzeugnisse / Fleischnebenerzeugnisse:  bezeich­net im Prinzip alles, was vom Tier stammt, aber kein reines Fleisch ist. Bspw. Innereien, Knochen und Fell. Fisch und Fischnebenerzeugnisse:  frische oder haltbar gemachte Fisch­erzeug­nisse jeder Art sowie die Neben­er­zeug­nisse aus ihrer Ver­ar­bei­tung. Milch und Molkereierzeugnisse:  frische oder haltbar gemachte Milch­er­zeug­nisse jeder Art sowie die Neben­er­zeug­nisse aus ihrer Ver­ar­bei­tung. Ei und Eierzeugnisse: frische oder haltbar gemachte Eier­er­zeug­nisse jeder Art sowie die Neben­er­zeug­nisse aus ihrer Ver­ar­bei­tung. Hilfreich bis schädlich:  Cellulosepulver ist eine Faserquelle in Hundetrockenfutter mit dem niedrigsten Nährstoffgehalt überhaupt aber trotzdem ist es als Zusatz im Hundefutter erlaubt. Die offizielle Bezeichnung ist in etwa“ reinste, mechanisch hergestellte Cellulose, gewonnen aus alpha-Cellulose aus dem Fruchtfleisch von faserreichen Pflanzen., die einfache Bezeichnung aber ist Sägemehl. Die Kunst der Balance Cellulose wird in der Tierernährung eingesetzt um die Kalorien zu senken und den Blutzuckerspiegel zu kontrollieren, manchmal auch, um der Verdauung auf die Sprünge zu helfen. Allerdings muss man das abwägen gegenüber der allgemeinen Herabsetzung der Verdaulichkeit des Futters, erhöhtem Kotvolumen und einer herabgesetzten Darmfermentation. Diese Ausgewogenheit muss sehr sorgfältig geschaffen werden, denn zumeist muss dann auch der Gehalt Proteinen, Fetten und anderen Nährstoffen heraufgesetzt werden. Wie auch immer, die Vorteile der Zellulose spielen keine Rolle, denn ein erhöhtes Stuhlvolumen durch die unverdauliche, nährwertlose Zellulose und eine verringerte Fermentation im Darm sind der Preis dafür. Man kann seinem Tier die Cellulose auch ersparen: Lieber auf das Gewicht des Tieres achten, Hund und Katze mit hochwertigem Futter ernähren und Katzen immer Katzengras zur Verfügung stellen.



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Wir verwenden ausschließlich Zutaten in Lebensmittelqualität und garantieren somit den besten Geschmack und eine gesunde Verdauung für unsere Vierbeiner.

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wobei wir eng mit unseren Futtermittelproduzenten zusammenarbeiten, um hochwertiges Fleischmehl und optimierte Rezepturen zu garantieren.


Als Haustierbesitzer verstehe ich die tiefe Bindung, die wir zu unseren Tieren aufbauen und betrachte sie als Teil der Familie. Deshalb füttere ich die meisten Futtersorten und Leckerlis selbst an meine kleinen Vierbeiner, um sicherzustellen, dass sie nur das Beste erhalten.Die Gründung von kallisbest ist meine Antwort auf viele
Falschaussagen der Futtermittelbranche.

Unsere Zutaten - 100% Qualität

Bei kallisbest werden ausschließlich Zutaten in Lebensmittelqualität verwenden. Warum sollten unsere Vierbeiner eine schlechtere Qualität genießen als Sie?

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