Information Vital Plus for dogs, cats & farm animals

Are you wondering what exactly our Vital Plus is all about?

Clearly, our "miracle cure" !

This consists of 100% natural moor!

Peat is obtained from a water source in which medicinal herbs, plants, flowers and blossoms have been salinized for centuries. This deposit of nutrients, which comes from a variety of plant material, is digested on the soil to form humus, which consists of humic acid, fulvic acid, lignin, bitumen and pectin, among others.

In addition to the beneficial properties of humic and fulvic acid, Vital Plus contains a complex of natural minerals and trace elements. It ensures optimal absorption of good nutrients and protects the body from harmful substances. The stomach and intestines are brought into balance and the immune system is strengthened.

It also supports the growth and optimal development of your animal. In "older" animals, it ensures the development and maintenance of condition.

Briefly summarizing everything:

-Ideal for animals that eat grass, sand, droppings or wood. This is a sign that the balance in the stomach and intestinal tract is not correct. Vital Plus restores a healthy pH value. Absolutely detoxifies the stomach and intestines. For the general health of the stomach and intestinal tract. 

-Heartburn, diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, malaise, bloating and much more can be a thing of the past

-Ensures a very good absorption of all healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins

-Supports muscle recovery after training, work or long walks

-Tendons and ligaments are strengthened

-Improves magnesium levels in the blood

-Contains natural iron

-Supports skin and coat in restoration and care

-Has a soothing effect on skin problems (fungi, lichen, irritations, etc.)

Humic acids are particularly useful in medicine because they are able to protect the skin and mucous membranes, promote digestion and strengthen the body's immune system .

Fulvic acid helps the body to balance acid and base – that is, to maintain the optimal pH value. By alkalizing the organism, it helps the intestines to defend themselves more effectively against harmful fungi, bacteria and other invaders.

Particularly recommended for horses , as they have an extremely sensitive stomach and intestinal tract. It is particularly recommended for horses prone to colic. For prophylaxis and to support acute colic. Particularly effective after the illness to bring the gastrointestinal tract back into balance.

-To be administered as a support during transition periods from the paddock

-Supportive in metabolic diseases such as equine Cushing etc.

-Eczema sufferers can also benefit from our Vital Plus, as it has a supportive effect on skin and coat.

For the optimal effect of our Vital Plus, the balanced and correct nutrition of the animal plays an important role.

For us humans, it is also of no use if I supplement with additives and minerals but only eat unhealthy foods.

Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to a healthy diet!


Moor (contains humic acid, fulvic acid, lignin, bitumen and pectin)

Analytical components:

Crude fiber 24.8%

Crude ash 4.3%

Crude protein 0.1%

Crude protein 0.1%

Crude fat 0.1%

Sodium 0.1%

Humidity 0.1%

Feeding recommendation:

Administer with food or directly into the mouth using a dosing syringe or similar. Shake well before use. As a treatment and direct aid, administer daily for 14 days. If used for a longer period, adjust the dose to half the stated amount.

Cat: 2.5 ml per day

Dog: 10-25 kg: 5 / 10 ml per day, >25 kg: 15 ml per day

Farm animal: 0.2 ml per kg body weight

Storage: Protect from direct sunlight. Close tightly after use.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us. By phone, email or in person at our store. We are happy to be there for you and your animals.