Become a franchise partner

Kallisbest is looking for partners in Germany and Switzerland to build the Kallisbest brand.

Business concept:

Less is more! I want to use my brand to help ensure that our dogs and cats are fed healthily. That's why I think it makes it easier for consumers to specialize in certain areas if the brand is 100% accurate and no misleading information is used. In the end, the customer is disappointed and your four-legged friend has health problems. In most cases, the animals show symptoms caused by the "bad" food (watch the video to recognize symptoms of illness). It is then difficult for the consumer to recognize because 99% of the ingredients in pet food are faked. Our food, on the other hand, really does contain the ingredients that are stated on the packaging. Ultimately, it is no use having the most beautiful and amazing packaging that is accompanied by an incorrect declaration and the animal then develops symptoms of illness. The dog or cat eats the contents!!!

We offer all new franchise partners a so-called dropshipping service for a small financial outlay. This means that customers who do not live in the immediate area also have the opportunity to receive the goods from you as a partner directly through us.

As a franchise partner, you save costs and time and still earn money from all ventures.

The most important thing and in the first instance is of course that there has to be a good rapport and harmony between us at "Kallisbest" and you as a franchisee in order to go down this path together.

Competitive strength / unique selling point:

The composition and declaration of the products are 100% accurate. We only work with quality products from the food sector. Whether in cans, as dry food or in our treats. The top priority is no chemical additives, only naturally obtained plants, vegetables and meat in the form of meat meal.
We have products that none of our competitors have.
The unique selling point is therefore very high.

Total investment amount: 4000.00 EUR
Start from home and build up a customer base so that you can open a regional store later.

You are also welcome to open a store directly with our support, but you will need a higher starting capital of around 20-25,000.00 EUR
If you have any questions, please call me at 060214423912
or send us an email and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Feel free to go to our video link here,