Interesting facts about the ingredients of our complete menus


Carrots: They have a high content of carotene. This improves health

of the eyes. The pectin in the carrot supports the

Health of the skin, coat and intestinal mucous membranes.

Beetroot: They have a high iron content, which makes them a

blood formation-promoting vegetables.

Celery: It has a very high content of minerals and vitamins.

Its essential oils have a positive effect on the nerves, the glands

and metabolism.

Potatoes: They consist mainly of water, but contain a lot of protein

and carbohydrates. They have a very low fat content, are a

good energy supplier and also provide vitamins, minerals and

Dietary fiber.

Parsnips: They are rich in fiber and provide many vitamins and folic acid.

They contain a lot of potassium, which is important for the heart, muscles and nerves.


Apples: They contain over 30 vitamins and trace elements, potassium, calcium,

Magnesium and iron. They have a high content of pectin, which

which binds toxins in the intestine and thus serves to cleanse the intestine.

Pears: They cleanse the intestines and detoxify the organism by

Bind and eliminate heavy metals.

Strawberries: They have a very high content of vitamin C. Their high

Calcium content strengthens the bones and the high potassium content

and magnesium protects the heart. They also contain folic acid and iron.

Susins: They contain many B vitamins and are considered to enhance performance.