How do I BARF correctly?

Feed quantity calculation for biologically appropriate raw meat feeding

Weight 2% Meat vegetables 2.5% Meat vegetables 3% Meat vegetables
10kg 200 g 140g/ 60g 250 g 175g/75g 300g 210g/ 90g
15kg 300g 210g/ 90g 375g 263g/ 112g 450g 315g/ 135g
20kg 400g 280g/ 120g 500g 350g/ 150g 600g 420g/ 180g
25kg 500g 350g/ 150g 625g 438g/ 187g 750g 525g/ 225g
30kg 600g 420g/ 180g 750g 525g/ 225g 900g 630g/ 270g
35kg 700g 490g/ 210g 875g 613g/ 264g 1050g 735g/ 315g
40kg 800g 560g/ 240g 1000g 700g/ 300g 1200g 840g/ 360g
45kg 900g 630g/ 270g 1125g 788g/ 338g 1350g 945g/ 405g
50kg 1000g 700g/ 300g 1250g 885g/ 375g 1500g 1050g/ 450g
55kg 1100g 770g/ 330g 1375g 963g/ 413g 1650g 1155g/ 495g
60kg 1200g 840g/ 360g 1500g 1050g/ 450g 1800g 1260g/ 540g

The daily amount for puppies/kittens and young dogs/cats is 4-8% of body weight depending on the animal's activity.

The daily amount for adult dogs/cats with normal activity is 2.5% of body weight.

The daily amount for very active or malnourished dogs/cats is 3-4% and 2% for older or less active dogs/cats.


  • A dog needs 0.3 g of oil per kg of body weight per day to meet its need for essential fatty acids. As a guideline, one teaspoon is about 3 grams.
  • In addition, the dog should receive about 3 grams of minerals per 10 kg of body weight daily.
  • The cat should receive 30 - 40 mg of taurine per kg of body weight daily.

The 100% daily amount should consist of 70% meat and 30% fruit and vegetables, of which the 70% meat should consist of 80% pure meat, 10% bones and 10% offal and the 30% fruit and vegetables should consist of 70% vegetables and 30% fruit.

Please also remember that puppies and dogs have an increased need for calcium when their teeth are changing. This can be covered by feeding them additional foods such as chicken necks, veal legs, egg shell powder, etc.

Please note that the feeding recommendations are only guidelines. Every animal is as individual as every human being.

Therefore, the animal's eating habits and possible illnesses, as well as its activity level, must be taken into account. If you are unsure about the composition of the food and the amount, just talk to us. We will be happy to advise you.