What is BARFing?

BARF is a method of feeding carnivorous pets that was originally developed for dogs. The inventors and developers of BARF were guided by the eating habits of wolves and wild dogs and cats. Therefore, only raw meat, bones and vegetables are fed, and the pet owner must ensure the balanced composition if no ready-made meals are fed.

In our range you will find, among other things, ready meals to which you only need to add oil (salmon, linseed or borage oil), or pure meat (e.g. beef, beef mix, lamb mix, chicken etc.) that you can mix with vegetables (e.g. potatoes, carrots, dry mix vegetables etc.) or Belcando MIX IT according to your animal's taste.

With raw food, animals live healthier and are more resilient.

The most common causes of animal diseases such as allergies, intestinal diseases, joint diseases, coat and skin problems, etc. are caused by malnutrition and poor or unsuitable food.

Many dog ​​and cat owners who have switched to "BARF" can report an amazing improvement and have experienced that their animals have become more active, more vital and healthier.

In addition, the fresh meat does not only consist of meat and offal, but also provides important water-soluble vitamins and plant-based nutrients. By eating the bones, the dog also absorbs important components such as calcium and other minerals.

The most important reasons for BARF

Fresh meat contains no artificial additives, no preservatives, no unnatural colors or flavors. It is made up of the most important food ingredients and is the basis for your dog's natural diet.

BARFing also gives your dogs and cats a better quality of life.