Cat Accessories

Cat Accessories

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URINE CONTROL is the powerful remedy for removing urine stains and urine odor.

URINE CONTROL is specially designed to easily dissolve pet urine and eliminate the smell of urine. This prevents animals from repeatedly urinating in the same place.

URINE CONTROL is for daily use in the home and in animal shelters. URINE CONTROL permanently eliminates the annoying inconvenience caused by urine from dogs, cats and other small pets.

URINE CONTROL cleans and gives a fresh smell.

Instructions for use:

Before using the surface to be treated, test it on an inconspicuous area to ensure it is colourfast. First remove any urine, excreta or vomit with a paper towel. Spray the area with URINE CONTROL and allow it to dry completely. DO NOT scrub or clean. Note: Safety data sheet is available upon request.


<5% non-ionic surfactants, essential perfume, methylisothiazolinone

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Mouth spray for dogs and cats

-Cleans the teeth
-Improves the condition of the gums
-Provides fresh breath

Twice on the gums on both sides of the mouth (top and bottom)
and spray once on the center of the tongue.
Shake before use.

co-enzyme Q10, hydroxypropyl cellulose, zinc gluconate, chlorhexidine.

Storage: keep in a cool, dry place.

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Your cat will love Catnip Spray from Kalli, even if there are problems during transport in a transport box, simply use Catnip from Kallisbest.

Catnip increases the desire to play and takes away the fear of transport, because who wants to go to the vet?

Catnip Spray is made from concentrated catnip oil, a blissful spice that has an irresistible effect on cats due to the specific scent of the plant.

Catnip spray acts as a natural mood enhancer and guarantees the greatest possible (play) pleasure.

Simply spray Catnip Spray onto cat toys, scratching posts, cushions, transport cages, etc.

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Vital Plus für Hunde & Katzen

Probieren sie jetzt Vital Plus von kallisbest! Unser Ergänzungsprodukt, welches sich für jede Ernährung eignet.

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